Nice to meet you!  im Oscar.

Hello, nice to meet you! Thank you for coming here and reading this. I think that the best way to know me is by meeting my family. They are the witnesses of my love and passion for photography.

I have always believed that a photographer should be a good person and human being first in order to become a good photographer. I am happily married to the love of my life, Michelle, and I am also the father and #1 fan of Mateo, my very fun 6 year old. They are my fuel and inspiration, and are always by my side, so don´t be surprised if you ever see my son sitting next to me while working on a session.


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My style is hard to describe with words. I would say that it´s bold, irreverent, rebellious, nostalgic and very emotional... and i like the CINEMATIC tones,  maybe I just don't have a style at all! But I do love to capture the essence of the couples in a natural and relaxed way, without false and boring or clichéd poses. 

On the wedding day I try to be invisible so I can capture every moment as naturally as possible.

If you are looking for something  PERSONAL and full of emotional, my style is for you.

I have no intention of scheduling as many weddings as possible. I prefer to capture the stories of couples that match my vision, couples who love each other, who´ll enjoy their wedding day to the fullest, who love to celebrate and have fun, and who think about their wedding photos as a visual legacy of their life. I am looking for couples who´ll trust their photographer, trust in me.

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Im a Destination Wedding Photographer from all over the world.

I am a very lucky person because my passion let me to travel and meet amazing people and places.

No matter the places that matters its STORIES.

Me and my camera has no limits.

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